Introducing our 2019 WPC board

Besides the four elected positions of president, vice president, treasurer and secretary, appointed positions comprise the rest of the board. We are happy to announce we have several new faces on the 2019 WPC board.

Brand new members are Emily Christensen, vice president for membership; Nadya Faulx, vice president for programming; Naomi Shapiro, courtesy/reservations manager; and Jennifer Eaton and Kerry Johnston as at-large members. Darcy Gray is our other new member, having been elected secretary at the November general membership meeting. We are pleased to welcome Cheryl Miller back to board service as an at-large member.

Returning board members who are remaining in roles they held in 2018 are Amy Geiszler-Jones, president; Becky Funke, who was elected treasurer after serving on an interim basis; MeLinda Schnyder, website manager; Wilma Moore-Black, nwsbrfs editor; and Careen Gibbons and Anne Welsbacher in at-large positions. Those switching roles from 2018 to 2019 are Adrienne Churchill, who was elected vice president; Shannon Littlejohn, scholarship chair; and Beth Bower, at-large member.

We are so grateful to have had the service of the following people in 2018: Judy Conkling, secretary; Dawn Monroe, vice president of programming; Deborah Shaar, courtesy/reservations manager; and Cindy Kelly, former treasurer and then at-large member. We lost two board members in 2018 – Kristi Parker, who died in March; and Brian Whepley, who moved out of state in early fall.

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