Member share: Obama and Powell high on Wilma’s bucket list

Seeing and hearing former President Barack Obama and retired Gen. Colin Powell speak in the same week and same room is like a dream come true. You never know what it’s like to be so high that you have to pinch yourself to calm down. That’s exactly how I felt April 10 and 11 while in Dallas, Texas. I was attending the 15th annual Diversity and Leadership conference sponsored by the National Diversity Council (NDC).

Those attending this non-publicly advertised conference encountered highly secured protocols on days both dignitaries were in the Hilton Aanatole Hotel. My younger sister Annette Sears invited me to volunteer assisting the NDC staff sponsoring the event. My assignment was to work at the conference registration desk and to usher VIP guests to an area where they waited to be escorted to the “Meet and Greet” room for interviews and photographs with Obama.

What a rewarding feeling to see Obama because I missed the opportunity to attend his inauguration before his term as the 44th president of the United States. It was my goal to attend one of his post-presidential speaking events.

Secret Service, hotel staff and a special security firm were on duty. There were clean sweeps of the hotel and nearby businesses and buildings. No problems were announced, and both appearances were highly received. I’m still on a natural high from my days in Dallas.

– Wilma Moore Black

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