Words from the WPC president: Wilma Moore-Black shares her formula

There’s a formula about life shared with me by my friend Cindy: H1B1, which stands for Help One, Bring One along the way. That message is meaningful when I think of my leadership role as the 2020 president of Wichita Professional Communicators. Wilma Moore-Black

As I look forward to life in 2020, it begins by having peace with myself in 2019. That means I am grateful, thankful and well-loved. I intend to share my appreciation for WPC and each member who is very dear to my heart.

It’s a joyful experience to attend the monthly meetings at Larkspur Bistro, where we enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and an informative speaker. I have always picked up something new from each guest who squeezes a ton of information in about a 20-minute presentation.

It’s through the speaker’s message and conversations with members and guests that we grow. It’s a chance to find out a little more from the person you’re dining with or just simply enjoy his or her presence. It’s often just a pleasant smile that brings some comfort and peace of mind.

WPC offers me an opportunity to network and share knowledge of my 50-plus years of journalism experience. My communications journey includes working at The Wichita Eagle, The Ledger Star in Norfolk, Virginia, United Press International, The Community Voice, Kansas State University and Wichita State University.

Nowadays, doing marketing projects and writing as an independent contractor keep me busy. I also critique book drafts for friends, proofread resumes and brainstorm ideas for many associates who do community volunteer projects. It’s a good way for me to have a peaceful lifestyle.

– Wilma Moore-Black, WPC President

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