Communication is evolving

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are here.

Yes, I did just watch that episode of “Gilmore Girls” where that phrase was repeated in song throughout the entire episode. I’m also so happy summer is here.Sean Jones

Whether we want them to or not, things are opening up. People are starting to travel (albeit maybe a little begrudgingly thanks to high gas prices and airfare), but nonetheless, people are out exploring. As I mentally prepare for my hiking trip to Colorado next week, I’m thinking about the different ways cities communicate to potential visitors about the “hotspots” and destinations they should check out on their visit.

When I travel, I tend to look for local bloggers who know the area I’m visiting. I like to search for the top restaurants, coffee shops and must-see attractions. I also love looking for blogs about “experiencing a destination like a local.” That’s where you find the best off-beat places.

Lucky for us, we’ve heard from two bloggers – Wichita Life ICT and Wichita By E.B. – who provide great tips about our city from the local perspective. We have Visit Wichita, a team of people who work hard to bring entertainment and commerce to town. And with that usually brings tourists. Their annual visitors guide is packed with the top must-dos and must-sees in Wichita. They produce great content on social media (including TikTok), so anyone needing some quick tips can give them a follow.

I’ve worked with travel writers visiting Wichita who are looking for the latest and greatest our city has to offer, who then share their research and experiences with their network of followers.

And let’s not forget our own Vanessa Whiteside’s new book, “100 Things To Do in Wichita Before You Die,” full of the best things our city has to offer.

At the core of all of this is communication. Communication is visual, written, audio, video, billboards, magazines, print ads, display ads, social media, TikTok challenges and so much more. I’m fascinated by the way cities harness the latest communication to lure people in.

I think this goes to show just how important it is to keep an open mind about communication techniques and styles. The way we consume information is evolving.

– Sean Jones, WPC president

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