It takes a village

It takes a village to make Wichita Professional Communicators work. This month, I want to talk about the hard work and dedication our board puts in each month to organize events and work to provide scholarships to communications students. Sean Jones

Your vice president/president-elect, Naomi Shapiro, is a digital genius who keeps tabs on our email accounts and alerts board members of new memberships and payments. Her work doing this helps keep us all on track and ensures nothing falls through the cracks. She also had this great idea to build a members-only Facebook group with some stellar added benefits — stay tuned.

Ben Redington is our secretary, and his attention to detail with our minutes at our monthly board meetings makes sure our conversations are well-documented and that we don’t miss action items from month to month.

Our new treasurer is Brittany Sweeney, and let me tell you, it’s amazing having a numbers person serve in this role. She has streamlined our financial statements and isn’t afraid to throw out suggestions to better set us up for the future.

Keeping track of memberships is difficult, and Jennifer Eaton does it without complaint. She graciously agreed to serve as our membership VP again this year, and I’m thankful she did. She digs deep and provides thorough reporting and record keeping for our growing member base.

Kristin Bogner has done a fantastic job as our programs VP this year. She organizes the speakers at our monthly luncheon, and has introduced our organization to some heavy hitters in Wichita. I think we’re all a little bit smarter thanks to the thoughtfulness of her programs.

This group is just more fun having Teri Mott serving as our courtesy/reservations chair. She organizes the logistics on EventBrite and at Larkspur each month for our lunches, and she does it with a go-getter attitude and a smile on her face.

Shannon Littlejohn is our historian, and what a role for her. Not only is she full of WPC knowledge, she keeps us laughing and brings up great ideas to move us forward. She also has mad ukulele skills.

Kylie Cameron is our rockstar newsletter editor. She manages our growing subscription base, copy edits and makes sure we meet our deadlines.

Judy Conkling and Wilma Moore-Black make up our scholarship committee, the hardest roles on the board. They promote and choose the winner of our scholarship competition and organize our yearly mixer. Without their hard work and dedication, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission.

Vanessa Whiteside is our social media chair, and we are so thankful for her expertise and insight running our accounts. She keeps content fresh and exciting and always makes sure we participate in #WPCChats on Twitter during our monthly programs. Plus, her monthly reports are filled with valuable information.

Darcy Gray is my go-to person while I navigate serving as president. She led our organization well last year and is a master at keeping our website updated this year. Her knowledge of the organization is a huge asset not only to me, but for every member.

And finally, our two at-large members are hands down the best. Conni Mansaw and Emily Christensen both provide support and encouragement and much needed voices during our board meetings. They provide valuable insight, and I couldn’t thank them more for their service.

– Sean Jones, WPC president

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