Words from the WPC president: Keep moving up professional ladder

Everybody likes the thought of making more money and getting ahead in one’s career. It’s simply individual progress and professional growth. The annual conference offered by the Kansas Professional Communicators is an affordable and practical place to grow.

There are five key reasons that it continues to be worth my time and involvement each year: Wilma Moore-Black

  • Growth and development. The definition of professional growth varies with each person. We just don’t have the same passion about our first job as we do for the fourth or fifth one. And we really want to be paid what we believe we are worth. So, we value the importance of keeping up with changing trends in the workforce.
  • Networking. An easy way to get out of your comfort zone is to network. You’ll meet new people, reacquaint yourself with old associates, share and learn. Your next job lead is waiting for you when you connect with others at a state conference.
  • Integrity. Stopping and starting a project pushes you toward procrastination. It happens too often as a writer. So, you have to kick away those blues, dragging days and just do it. Maintain your integrity, enhance your leadership skills and keep pushing for closure.
  • Resume builder. Simply put, a resume is a document that reveals your first impression to an employer. You need a resume that will get results. It needs to be current, polished and match your experience. When you can annually add professional development sessions, you’re equipped to build a stronger resume.
  • Loyalty to my local, state and national communications group. Whenever I support events sponsored by WPC, KPC and NFPW, I believe I’m giving back to organizations that benefit me.

So, I’ll be paying my registration for the March 21 state conference at the Wichita Art Museum. I intend to invite several colleagues and I hope to see you there.

– Wilma Moore-Black

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