Words from the WPC president: Let’s get ready for the next year!

Have you started making your New Year’s resolutions? Or do you just not even go down that road anymore? I have to admit it’s hard for me to do – and keep – personal resolutions. But I’m extremely proud that our 2018 board set some initiatives and followed through on those and even more. That’s why I’m pretty confident that our 2019 board will be able to do the same. We are welcoming so many new members who I anticipate will keep us vibrant and adapting to the ever-changing communications and media landscape.

As members, you have a chance to help us shape some programming and strategies as well. Please make plans to attend that Jan. 9 meeting to share ideas on how we can remain relevant with your professional challenges. We’ll also want to get more members involved in some other processes for 2019, like selecting our
scholarship recipient, looking at more programming options such as evening networking or meetup events and some other initiatives the board will tackle in 2019.

Let’s close out this decade with some awesomeness as professional communicators – both on the personal and on the WPC community levels! I’ll raise a toast to that for 2019. Will you?

Amy Geiszler-Jones, WPC president

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