Words from the WPC president: LinkedIn reconnected me with my daughter-in-law

For many, “LinkedIn is the social media equivalent of an awkward networking event.”

That statement alone triggered my interest to register for a free Zoom workshop called “LinkedIn: Power of Your Profile Workshop.” According to the workshop teaser, 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates. WPC members, that means you can use LinkedIn to build your network. You need a stellar profile to begin and build your networking process. Wilma Moore Black

On May 12, I listened and learned at an online workshop hosted by Eric Rauber, higher education learning consultant at LinkedIn Learning. Rauber’s session was informative and easy to follow.

“As a sales leader with over 25 years of experience,” Rauber said, “I’m passionate about connecting customers into solutions that help grow and scale their software businesses.”

Rauber’s how-to, self-directed workshop was like a tutorial. And I got it.

My first reconnect with LinkedIn within the past six months came when I invited Elise Black, my daughter-in-law, to attend a professional workshop offered by the Finishing School for Modern Women. I wanted her to get acquainted with two highly professional and trained entrepreneurs — who are both WPC members — Dawn Monroe and Jill Miller.

That workshop offered Elise an opportunity to do firsthand networking and develop her online makeup business. She’s on the shy side so it’s been an awakening getting to know her bold mother-in-law. But she knows I’ve got her back and will always promote continuing education and professional development.

More LinkedIn sessions will be offered, and I’ll sign up for another one to keep my resume upgraded as I advance to the next career move. It’s about time to rock my profile with all the constant changes linked to the coronavirus.

Keeping informed and practicing self-directed learning will help you grow your own brand and network. For retired professionals like me who are being forced back into the workforce, you must be proactive and motivated. Join the pros and get LinkedIn.

–  Wilma Moore-Black


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