Words from the WPC president: Looking at my mother, I see myself grow and learn to live on

The month of May holds significance to me for three key reasons. It was 25 years ago in May that we buried my mother, Essie Lee Davenport, in Fort Worth, Texas. I lost my dear friend, confidante and lifelong supporter. I celebrate my birthday every 29th day of May and remain grateful that my mother was such a blessing and inspiration to me. I recall her many sacrifices and leadership raising 10 children, especially on Mother’s Day.

Wilma Moore-Black

Wilma Moore-Black

My mother was born with a beautiful smile and strong character. My Godmother Edith Curtis quilted together pieces of a dress that my mother wore often, and I used that fabric as the background beneath the framed poem about my mother. The poem reads:

There’s No Mother Like My Momma: Essie Lee

I know that you love me, and that love is mutual.

This is a feeling we both know stays neutral.

I know that you care because you take the time to call,

Even on late, late nights when I can’t even recall.

Essie Lee profile photo

Wilma’s mom, Essie Lee

You think that I’m not listening and short with you

But, it’s just sometimes I’m in a bad mood, “boo hoo.”

I love you so dearly; I see myself in you all the time.

It’s sad we can’t be together more; it’s simply a crime.

But, I won’t complain too much and too long,

There’s nothing that you or I have done wrong

We just have to learn to live on our faith and love.

Those two things we have gained from the Man Above.

Sharing His love and lifestyle is how you choose to be.

I’m glad I have a Mommie who looks just like me.


I shared that poem with my mother before she died, and we smiled, hugged each other and exchanged a lifetime’s worth of loving words. If there is someone special who reminds you of your mother, then express your gratitude and appreciation. If your mother is still alive, then show and tell her how much you love her every day and especially on May 10 — Mother’s Day.

– Wilma Moore-Black

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