Your social media ‘likes’ tell a story

Your social media is your personal brand. For many people, especially communication professionals, that may be common sense. Unfortunately, it isn’t innate knowledge for everyone.

I’m endlessly surprised by what I see show up in my social media feeds simply based on my connections’ and friends’ “likes.” And I’ll be honest, there have been numerous times when I would’ve preferred not to see the content a connection has given a thumbs-up to. (Like the self-proclaimed “social media guru” who “liked” obscene content and got an unfollow from me.) Darcy Gray

To me, “likes” on social media are like a trail of breadcrumbs for the public to see, giving people insight to your personality. Yep, your “likes” can tell a story about you. It can reveal political leanings, what your hobbies and interests are, and even your level of empathy.

For celebrities, who are watched closely by the public, a simple “like” can even quickly become tabloid fodder.

A good rule of thumb? Just assume everyone can see what you “like” on social media. What do your “likes” say about you? In Facebook, you can check your activity log to review your trail of breadcrumbs. LinkedIn keeps a log of your activity on your profile, and Twitter also keeps a list of your “likes” on your profile.

– Darcy Gray, WPC president

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